Coral Delivery Policy

Guarantee & Policies / DOA

At Treasure Corals we pride ourselves for aqua culturing healthy, thriving and colourful coral. Shipping coral is always a challenge and we currently ship coral only in Greater Toronto Area which will be delivered to your doorstep next business day when you order. We use local carriers to guarantee proper shipping conditions from the moment the coral leaves our farm and shows up at your place.

Should you experience an issue with the received shipment - please take a photo of the coral as soon as you get it (do not discard the coral) and send it to

Replacements will be included in future orders and are available for local pick up at no additional charge.

Ordering Policy

By purchasing on our website you are agreeing to these policies. All sales of livestock and hardware are final.

Once livestock orders are placed they can not be cancelled, modified or substituted.

Orders will be shipped the next business day and will delivered to you the same day. Please take your home availability into consideration when ordering.