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Hanna Alkalinity Caddy

An elegant way to organize your test kit

Coral Propagation

Complete solution for your coral propagation needs

Frag Price Tags

Securely snap in on egg-crate

Hanna Phosphate Caddy

Clean, dry and organized

TestKit Caddies

Reefing Accessories



Just like the awesome Phosphate Test Kit Caddy, this one helps me keep my counter space clean and follow the test kit instructions without clutter AND stores everything neatly/visibly. Awesome Caddy and excellent customer service!

Yohan Davidson

These caddies have a purpose built design and are superior to the other caddies available on the market. It is clear that these caddies were produced not only by a person in possession of a rapid prototype machine, but also a keen sense of design and engineering. Color me impressed.

Jamison Brosseau

Bought 2 of these and love them. Well built, nicely designed and easy to use. Made testing easier, by eliminating one more friction of unpacking and packing the tests. I like them so much that when Dmitry followed to see whether I was happy with the caddies (nice touch) I asked him whether it’d be possible to do ones for API test kits. Included in the package was also a cute thank you card which my daughter loved. Overall a nice product from a nice person.